Nádine's successful performances in Belgium

November was a really exciting time for Nádine, with a live performance @ the concert venue Zuiderkroon in Antwerp, a guest performance @ Bozar Brussels (together with K’s Choice and Ozark Henry) and the live TV show, FUZZ, on JIM TV. Pictures on Nádine’s Facebook page.

Nádine wants to thank all the fans in Belgium for their support. Here’s “I Will Be Strong”, live with her pianist Claude, on JIM TV.


Special show for corporates

With well-known hits such as "All out of love" and "River Deep Mountain High" all in an up-tempo, good vibe arrangement and production, Nádine has a dynamic show for corporate events or special functions.

The show can be booked semi-live with musicians or in concert style with Nádine's live band.
For South Africa 082 893 7836,, international bookings and management +32 13 33 45 45 or


Datum / Date: 20 September
Plek / Place: Sun City
Tyd / Time: 19h00
Info: Corporate

Datum / Date: 26 September
Plek / Place: Pretoria - La Toscana
Tyd / Time: 20h00
Info: 012 348 8820

Datum / Date: 2-4 October
Plek / Place: Skouspel - Sun City
Tyd / Time: TBC
Info: Computicket

Datum / Date: 8 October
Plek / Place: Potchefstroom - Fanie du toit sportterrein
Tyd / Time:20h00
Info: 012 259 1774

Datum / Date: 10 & 11 October
Plek / Place: Sun City Skouspel
Tyd / Time:13h00 / 19h00 / 19h30
Info: Computicket

Datum / Date: 2 November
Plek / Place: Montana Pretoria - Montana Fleamarket
Tyd / Time: 14h00
Info: 012 548 6619

Datum / Date: 9 November
Plek / Place: JHB - Hillfox
Tyd / Time: 13h00
Info: 011 442 4488

Datum / Date: 27 November
Plek / Place: Durbanville - Die Boer
Tyd / Time: 20h30
Info: 021 979 1911

Datum / Date: 28 November
Plek / Place: Gordonsbay
Tyd / Time: 20h30
Info: 071 542 8299

Datum / Date: 29 November
Plek / Place: Bushmans Cave Berg Teater
Tyd / Time: 20h00
Info: 027 482 2918

Datum / Date: 2 December
Plek / Place: JHB - Coca Cola Dome
Tyd / Time: 19h00
Info: 011 234 7860

Datum / Date: 4 December
Plek / Place: Pretoria Centurion - Supersport Park
Tyd / Time: 19h00
Info: 011 234 7860

Datum / Date: 24 January
Plek / Place: Schouwburg Het Park
Plek / Place: Westerdijk 4
Plek / Place: 1621 LE Hoorn - NETHERLANDS
Tyd / Time: 20h15
Info: +31 229-291010

Datum / Date: 30 January
Plek / Place: Theater De Muzeval
Plek / Place: Boermarkeweg 43
Plek / Place: 7822 HM Emmen - NETHERLANDS
Tyd / Time: 20h15
Info: +31 591-617000

Datum / Date: 6 February
Plek / Place: Theater de Schalm
Plek / Place: Meiveld 3
Plek / Place: 5501 KA Veldhoven - NETHERLANDS
Tyd / Time: 20h15
Info: +31 40-2533578

Datum / Date: 7 February
Plek / Place: Schaffelaartheater
Plek / Place: Churcillstraat 74-a
Plek / Place: 3772 KV Barneveld - NETHERLANDS
Tyd / Time: 20h15
Info: +31 342-842848

Datum / Date: 14 February
Plek / Place: Stadstheater de Kom
Plek / Place: Stadsplein 6
Plek / Place: 3431 LZ Nieuwegein - NETHERLANDS
Tyd / Time: 20h15
Info: +31 30-6045554

Datum / Date: 20 February
Plek / Place: De Meerpaal
Plek / Place: Rede 80
Plek / Place: 8251 EX Dronten - NETHERLANDS
Tyd / Time: 20h15
Info: +31 321-388770

Datum / Date: 27 February
Plek / Place: de Rijswijkse Schouwburg
Plek / Place: Generaal Spoorlaan 10
Plek / Place: 2283 GM Rijswijk - NETHERLANDS
Tyd / Time: 20h15
Info: +31 70-3360336

Datum / Date: 6 March
Plek / Place: Theater de Koornbeurs
Plek / Place: Noord 2
Plek / Place: 8801 KP Franeker - NETHERLANDS
Tyd / Time: 20h15
Info: +31 517-396363

Datum / Date: 7 March
Plek / Place: Scheldetheater
Plek / Place: Westkolkstraat 16
Plek / Place: 4531 AW Terneuzen - NETHERLANDS
Tyd / Time: 20h15
Info: +31 115-695555

Datum / Date: 13 March
Plek / Place: MartiniPlaza
Plek / Place: Leonard Springerlaan 2
Plek / Place: 9727 KB Groningen - NETHERLANDS
Tyd / Time: 20h15
Info: +31 50-5222797

Datum / Date: 14 March
Plek / Place: Theater de Maaspoort
Plek / Place: Oude Markt 30
Plek / Place: 5911 HH Venlo - NETHERLANDS
Tyd / Time: 20h15
Info: +31 77-3207207


For South Africa
082 893 7836

International bookings and management
+32 13 33 45 45


Nádine Live On Stage

With a fresh stage production for concerts in SA, Nádine is ready for any event, occasion or festival.

She gives an exciting performance with wonderful new songs, her own special version of timeless classics and acoustic surprises.

You can also look forward to her greatest hits along with her personal favourite songs. A world class show case. Book Now !!!

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Get ready for the introduction…

After nearly 15 years filled with numerous hits and a prestigious award in her home country (Best Cross Over Album of the Year) Nádine is ready to conquer the rest of the world! This presentation features the highlights of the past year and will leave no one untouched. Once you have discovered Nádine’s voice and seen her performance… you are a Nádine Fan Forever! Enjoy!

The story


    Welcome on the official website of Nádine. We’ll give you an overview of the highlights of her career and will update you. Step by step Nádine will conquer hearts of countless music lovers. In the course of the coming days, weeks and months we will update you with the latest news on this and we'll also be publishing some personal reactions of Nádine herself. Follow Nádine on Facebook and Twitter as well for the latest updates, brought to you by herself! Don't forget to subscribe for the Nádine newsletter!


    Nádine has become one of the most popular artists in South Africa since the release of her first album more then fifteen years ago. Nádine released her first album at the age of 13. Her crystal clear and moving voice immediately pleased the public. In 1997 Nádine took the stage during Two Nations in Concert, a musical event in Johannesburg which also featured the Spice Girls and Billy Ocean. Today the popular singer has sold over 500.000 cd’s as well as being on the verge of an international break through.


    Nádine has won several platinum and golden awards and with over 120 shows a year she is one of the most succesful South African artists. A few years ago her musical career skyrocketed. Nádine travelled to Europe, signing with a Belgian management company and recording a new album with Swedish top producer Nick Manic. “This Time I Know” is an album with breathtaking vocals and tons of hit potential. Examples are the singles “This Time I Know It’s For Real” (ballad), “Made Up My Mind” (pop rock) and “Coming Home” (pop).


    During the summer of 2009 Nádine launches the first part of her European adventure with some accomplished showcases. In autumn she travels to New Zealand for a succesful concert tour. The year ends in beauty: “This Time I Know” wins the much sought-after Vonk Award in South Africa for Best Crossover Album. Early 2010 Nádine wins the prestigious World Peace Song Festival. The European music scene is in admiration of the pop revelation and plans are there to launch the artist in countries outside South Africa.


    Nádine is the first South African to win the annual World Peace Song Festival. February 16, 2010 the much-loved South African artist was named the winner by organizers OGAE Italy, with her song “This Time I Know It’s For Real” beating off competition from the likes of Coldplay (England’s entry) and Ladyhawke (New Zealand). An ecstatic Nádine said the award gave her “huge confidence” ahead of the release of her album ‘This Time I Know’ across several European territories and the Asian market.


    Her stunning live performances quickly cause a buzz, wherever she performs, also in theatre... Early 2012 Nádine is nominated for the South African Theatre awards for her main roll as Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar and the first plans to conquer the Asian market are there. Toco Asia will bring South Africa’s number one pop star to Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Wenzhou, Tianjin and Changsha later 2012! The Toco team saw her once... they were convinced immediatly!


    December 2012 a brand new Christmas album is released. The album “Christmas in South Africa” focuses the multi cultural proud of SA. "The land of the sun" is showcasing all the different cultures and colours to the rest of the world. "Christmas in the sun - Christmas in South Africa" and an amazing Nádine in the most beautiful period of the year! “Light In The Sky” Nádine’s hitsong for the end of 2012 and from the album hit all the radio playlists in SA and Belgium. The song reached the top of several charts and was number one in the Jacaranda Top 20, South Africa’s leading hit radio station, broadcasting for Gauteng and the area’s around.


    As much as Nádine knows she’s emotionally ready for the big leap into new waters that’s currently underway, she’s under no illusion that it will be easy and is prepared for the long road. “I started out just going from city to town to village in a touring van asking to play my music and entertain people and that hard work is something I am very excited to do all over again in places and countries all over the world” Nádine simply states.


    For bookings in South Africa, contact Nádine's local agent: Carine at +27 82 893 7836 or email

    For international bookings and worldwide management: contact Hugo Foets at KING Entertainment +32 13 33 45 45 or email


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Interview with Nadine part 1

Interview with Nadine part 2

New album




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